Meredith Pogson's PledgePage

I guess by now you have heard the news! I am currently training with the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society to walk the Oklahoma City Half-Marathon. Yep- 13.1 miles!!!! Over 75% of what I raise will go back to the Society for research, patient services, advocacy, and education. Check back regularly- I will keep you updated on my progress. Thanks for visiting!


Morning, noon and night
They are out there having lots of fun,
Those Team In Training think of us
As they make their way through their run.
Knowing that with each step they take
It's getting closer to the goal we seek,
The cure rate is getting better you can see
The percentages are improving, take a peek.
So when I go to bed
I pray we soon will win the fight,
Day after day work goes on
To find a total cure for our plight.
So keep it up
Turn up the heat
The tunnel has light
Soon leukemia will be beat.

-Leni Walker
Age 9
Honored Hero- Palm Beach Area Chapter